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June 30, 2009


dear sir,i want to have an apointment with the following ministers in cameroon.prime minister,minister for agriculture;minister for defence;minister for culture,minister for social afairs.director of cabinete at the ministry of finance.
i will be glad if you can linkj me to this people or send to me their contact number so that in can call them to have the apointment.
* thanks

Hello, I am seeking a contact email address for Dr. Marie-Therese Abena Obama. I am a doctor in Canada and spent some time in Cameroon with her and in the NW province as a medical student in 1992.

I would very much like to contact her in order to arrange future work in rural Cameroon.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated even if you could just please pass her this note.

You are also welcome to pass my email address to her and allow her to contact me at her convenience.

Many thanks,

Dr. Lori Regenstreif
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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