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December 29, 2008


Dr Molua,
Your comments are very commandable but you failed to talked about diasporans who have tried with passion and failed b/c the system crunch them to failure. You failed to point out that Cameroon does not not have a working judiciary system design to protect investors. For example, if one puts money in a bank and the bank fails, what mechanisms are in place to recovery some of the money. NADA !!! Instead you will find no one to talk to. What structures protect a mere small buy and sellam business. What MR Inoni said to diasporans is exactly what uncle Mosonge said. But they both never kept the end of their bargain. People clearly told them their concerns and were promised Jerusalem will come, but nada!!!Many are very ready to put their $1 but they need to see a structure. The new Cameroon ambassador asked the same question. " why are Cameroonians not excited in investing in Cameroon like Ghanians.." But I am glad he found the answer himself. And until some of these foxes are addressed it will be very hard to get investors. Be it a private business, a retirement home project, etc, etc, the goverment plays a key role in the process and that role is very disturbing to me. To twist the story more, some of this mishap manisfest withim our own nuclear family. I have heard many testimonies where people embark on projects using family members, whom they think they can trust only to get 419 deals "sur place". So who can one trust if your own blood will con you?? These are the set backs.
To crown this all I read a recent incident of bomb threat in Douala airport ( Air France) and no one came immediately to update the public. " others are coming form above" they say. Do you know that just the delay in communication affected commerce. I have searched my heart, my brain and I have concluded that Only the Grace of God can save us. May his blessing still remain with us.
Shalom !!!!
Dr ENongene, Evariste: Maryland, USA

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