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December 29, 2008


This was a very important interview as regards the private sector. and i am contented with the way Dr Molua put it, that entrepreneurial activities should be encouraged in Cameroon by creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurial activities. This also includes the growth and establishment of SMEs in Cameroon.

The private sector is indeed the engine of economic growth. Most developed countries have embarked on fortering the necessity for the development of SMEs as a method to revive their economy from various forms of public and social crisis especially poverty.

it is time for cameroon to follow suit.
creating favourable conditions for investors both national and international investors.

I can't say much because of time constraint.
i am proud of u Dr Molua.it was great being your student in the university of Buea.
Thanks for your knowledge

best regards

please can you give me a hints on the effect of interest rates on savings in the cameroon economy and banking sector.

Our mothers feed us, clothe us, and comfort us when we are hurt.

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