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October 14, 2008


A human right activisit from USA Jessie Jackson was here in SA for the commomeration kosi ALBERT LUTHULI a freedom fighter and a chief his tribe.
He is supporting Mohamed Gaddaffi of uniting Africa and use one current by so doing they can win the battle of puting the economy of Africa back into track.Yes is to say it but is difficult to implement it reason being if the African can accept defeat during the election then it will be simply,Gaddaffi himself he does not to leave his position.check Mugabe,the Darfur region fight and the pirates in somali.the are still a huge problem which need to be adressed and it need the master mind people.

If three ederly African states man have still have the powers to negotiate including the retired General Secretary of UN Koffi Annan things will be easier to have united states of Africa.Former President is needed to play his role of African Renaissance.
Who is going to lead and where is House like White House to be situated,because the President in African continet are not ready to have democracy practical they practice one party states and being the life President.
Through African union and the Sadec they can achieve that dream of Gaddaffi but it will take years to happen,even war can broke out,if they can gun down and stop innocent child,raping woman and bomb blasting solution will be fruitfull.

Negotion will be the starting point,like what the icon Nelson Mandela before he became the President of SA.

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