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December 09, 2006


Hon Dr. Entreprenuers should not only be men. Your continues reference of an entreprenuer as a 'he' does not go down well. Can women not be entreprenuers?
Please i know you are very aware of the importance of gender and development for a society like ours.

well well nice to see there is soo much interest ! so assuming we are all skilled in this area ? does that mean change? its like having a fast car and no roads! how about teachng ethics and the impact of choko on our economy?

Cordial greetings.

I just posting on my website my text for the Fundamental Pedagogy for Entrepreneurship, which seeks to make a contribution in kind psychoanalytic concept and the socio-economic problem of poverty. It is a text that I wish to share freely, as a resource for the work of business development. Any comments regarding this work will be very useful.


Basic points:
- The prehistoric origin and evolution of evolutionary psychological influence on the status of human poverty
- The pedagogic conceptual basis in the future human evolutionary
- The conceptual basis of becoming unconscious daily, as a foundation for learning and teaching work
- The analytical approach of dreams as an effective mechanism for learning about human evolutionary rate
- Expanding significant linguistic through dream analysis as a basis for the recognition of the capacity of individual work in a field or human discipline
- The base-naturalist Darwin and evolutionary as collateral human performance with environmental awareness
- Deepening the strengths indivuduales as collateral to generate synergy strong social


Juan Gonzalo Saldarriaga

Mechanical Engineer

Technical Musical Instruments


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The most interesting and informative post I've ever seen, so the post bookmared my browser for future visits.

Nice and informative and educational post and the most interesting and informative post I've ever seen, so the post bookmared my browser for future visits.

This is my aboriginal time appointment here. I begin so abounding absorbing being in your blog abnormally its discussion. From the bags of comments on your articles, I assumption I am not the alone one accepting all the amusement here! accumulate up the acceptable work.

"Teaching Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities Will Help" is one of my favorite post. Its also informative information. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! Now I know what to do, thank you! And as this information is educational so this site has been added to my RSS feed for later browsing. To know more about
marathon training

"Teaching Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities Will Help" is one of my favorite post. Its also informative information that helpful for newbie. :)

Hi Dear.... Here I see a good strategy in your post.
Thanks for sharing such kind of great tips, keep it going, hope you can share more!

Its great to have such post. thanks.

The best absorbing and advisory column I've anytime seen, so the column bookmarked my browser for approaching visits.

Milton claims that epic poetry is the highest ambition for a poet and then he goes on to explain how it is that the epic poet should comport himself.

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