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November 07, 2006


Hello Sir,

Kindly visit our web at to view our specification.

For more details visit our company web at

Thanks and hope to do business with you.


I disagree with this approach to drafting requests for admissions. It is much easier to use the admitted requests at trial when the format is as you said.good post generally.

I am Prince Kwame Nana from Bogoso community. Am a representative for the local gold minners here in Bogoso community, Ghana. We have capability of producing between 250-300 kilos of gold dust monthly. The product available below: Commodity Gold dust Available
QUANTITY: 1000kg
ORIGIN : Ghana (Bogoso community)
QUALITY: 22+ carats
PURITY: 93.67%
PRICE: $28,500 per kilo Packaging: in metal boxes.
Below are my contact information.
Name: Prince Kwame Nana
Phone Number: +233 247 595879
We are waiting your purchase interest and quick responses.
Prince Kwame Nana

Friendship is sharing a laugh or two;
Friendship is leaning on each other when
we come to a bend in life's road;
Friendship is taking the time to encourage
There's a miracle called "Friendship." Oh what a miracle it is
in just keeping' it real. The "Friendship" dwells way, way down deep in the heart and soul of a person or individuals.
You don't know how this "Friendship" happens, it just happens so soulfully. It is a light from the "Friendship" that provides sunlight to the soul
whenever it happens. But you know and recognize the gift from above.
My name is Roselyne from United States of America hope to tell you more about myself as soon as I hear from you

Here's one that belatedly came to mind: "GREAT"!

Here's one that belatedly came to mind: "GREAT"!

Congratulations for your efforts

We are South Korean based company and looking for a supplier of crude palm oil, 10,000 MT per month, with 3,000 MT as a trial order. A supplier who follows international practices of business deals is preferable. I appreciate if you can give us some contacts for crude oil exporting companies and and the private contact for a responsible person working with UNEXPALM

We are accredited sales mandate consultant to these Local Gold Miners from Burkina- Faso, Lome-Togo and Rep Du Benin that has 22karat plus AU Gold dust of 96% Finest quality with the mega quantity of 700kgs-1000kgs respectively at the CIF / FOB prices OF $17,000- $18,000 per kg for inspection and prompt shipment to any part of the Global of the end Buyer's choice of Airport Delivery.

So for an instant attention that you contact us directly all for an immidiate negotiation and potential transaction via email:

Thanks as we await for your seriously minded response all for an authentic proceeding to the main action of it all which is for us to have a legitimate discharge and shipment of the AU Gold Dust Cargo Shipping with Buyer's purchased quantity.

Hi, could you please help me get in touch wit Edwin Nkengafac. I am front India.

All people deserve very good life time and business loans or secured loan can make it much better. Just because freedom bases on money.

well this blog is great i love reading your articles.

well this blog is great i love reading your articles.

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

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